Thursday, October 1, 2009

First picture of Thailand

Alright, so we have been here a few days. Last night we went to the train station to get our tickets to Chiang Mai for cooking classes, then wandered around to find some dinner. We...or i decided to stop at one of the many street restaurant carts. Of course, the spoke no english so we had to just point and pray...apparently we had some steamed rice, a cold squid salad, some kind of sweet and sour hot dog, fried fish, and a mysterious meat that was really spicy but good...of course half way through we found a hand in it...yup, a hand, apparently it was a quite tasty, very spicy, minced FROG...yum! Welcome to Thailand.

Below are a few pictures: the standing Buddha, Lucky Buddha, and some sort of Snake god... I think.

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