Thursday, October 1, 2009

First picture of Thailand

Alright, so we have been here a few days. Last night we went to the train station to get our tickets to Chiang Mai for cooking classes, then wandered around to find some dinner. We...or i decided to stop at one of the many street restaurant carts. Of course, the spoke no english so we had to just point and pray...apparently we had some steamed rice, a cold squid salad, some kind of sweet and sour hot dog, fried fish, and a mysterious meat that was really spicy but good...of course half way through we found a hand in it...yup, a hand, apparently it was a quite tasty, very spicy, minced FROG...yum! Welcome to Thailand.

Below are a few pictures: the standing Buddha, Lucky Buddha, and some sort of Snake god... I think.

Last Australia pictures

Ok, so these are the last pictures from Australia, along with a clip from a disturbing documentary. Mostly the Blue mountains and scenes from our walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. Enjoy.

yeah it was that cold!
And now for the celebratory beers...really big beers!